MAGfest Presents: JAMfest-Music Adventures

by Allison Duggan, Label Manager

Once a year  video game and music fans gather together in Maryland to celebrate all things: Cosplay, video games and music at MAGfest! For three days, people become their favorite characters (cosplay), go to fun panels, play tournaments of various games and attend the some pretty great concerts!

So many great bands come to perform every year.  Last night I got to check out The OneUps, an amazing video game band that put the jam in gaming.

Here are the five other bands I will be attending the next three days:

Machinae Supremacy:

DJ Cutman with Game Chops:

Super Soul Brothers:



To anyone at MAGfest, come join me and rock out! Everyone else, check them out and listen to how they cover and compose music for video games.


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