Independent Artist Movement


By: Jasmine Graves, Intern at 6/8 Records

Where has all the good music gone? Has the level of talent fallen in the industry or is it just the business. Why are up and coming underground artist shying to signing deals with major labels. Is it not enough money, creative control, or the feeling when they successfully make it on their own that make these artist go unsigned.

          Joey Bada$                                      Heems                                      Keyshia Cole

Many artist have chosen to go down this path. Artist such as Chance the Rapper, Joey Bada$$, Jason Isbell, Keyshia Cole, and Nipsey Hussle. Many of these artist had deals before and when let out of their contracts chose not to go back. Chance the Rapper said in an  interview “I can do whatever videos I want, I can play whatever shows I want, I can release when I want, talk how I want, freely about any subject.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 1.36.02 PM

Chance the Rapper Twitter

Chance released a mixtape and since then has been blazing the charts ever since. The freedom of creative control allows artist to explore revenues they never imagines they would. Some have even gone as far to create their own “labels” where they can release their music.

Many independent artist have chosen to create their own label to release their music. Joey Bada$$ has released music from his studio with the help from independent labels. At one point in his life he wanted to sign with Roc Nation but instead was inspired to go his own route. He plans to build his label from the ground up and not to sign anyone.

Keyshia Cole was one of the artist who had a recording contract previously with Interscope Records. Since  being released out of contract Keyshia Cole wants to stay independent 100% percent. This something she has always wanted to do and plans to push the release of her album hard being it is her first project to be released as an independent artist.

Wether this artist were inspired by others to go independent or have always wanted to make it own their own it seems to be working for them. The independent movement is growing at a rapid rate which leaves me to question:  how much or a competition is it to break out into the music industry? As this seems to be route that allows  creative control and allows the artist to stay true themselves, who is going to want to sign to a big label?

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