What is Music to Me?!

By: Jasmine Graves

Growing up as female already presents a challenge itself but when you add growing up a black female it makes it even harder. I grew up in the Bronx with 7 siblings and a dog. The first time I was introduced to Hip-Hop was when I saw my older brother pop-locking. I was mesmerized and I instantly wanted to learn how to dance and all I could about this culture.Growing up in “The Bronx,” birthplace of hip hop has definitely inspired me to do music. No matter where I walked music rang through every neighborhood, blasted through every window, and bleached out of every car system.

Growing up my life was the best it could be, I never wanted for anything. I tried so many doing so many different things growing up to figure out what I liked. No matter what I did I always ended up doing music. I use to host little talent shows at my family functions or make up lyrics to different songs. As a kid I didn’t know that music would be my calling. I started hosting talent shows as well as competing in dance competitions.


Just when I was getting in my groove I was packed up and told to I was moving to Virginia-the country-next door to a farm. I put music on the back burner and tried to just make my way through High School. I played sports and joined various clubs but I started to feel lost and like I didn’t belong. I needed to find a purpose a reason to be happy that I moved away from everyone and everything that gave me joy.


My senior year in High School all I could think about was getting to college and out or VA however music was now my goal again and I was determined to study it in college. I ended up going to a school in Florida and I didn’t feel like I was learning anything. So after a year, one night I packed up and just moved to New York.


I started going to a two-year college and got my associates and later transferred to the City College of New York, where I became a communications major in the  AD/PR program. I signed up for my schools radio station and found my way to the music. I became the Music Director and began hosting my own show called “Just Jasmine.” I started to Dj under the name Dj Blue Jaeee and the rest is history. I realized I never lost may way from music, I just forgot the passion and all the joy it can bring. I know breaking into this industry is going to be tough but I’m not doing to bad now. All I can say  is to all the girls who dream to be President or CEO of their own label don’t let anything stand in your way. Never give up because as long as you want and you work hard for it you can do it and you will!


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