Summer Playlist from a Beach Bum

By Allison Duggan

I run a crazy life.  I help manage 6/8 Records, run marketing campaigns for small
start-ups such as Entertainment Talk Shop, play bassoon in Brooklyn, compose, sometimes sleep, but my Saturdays are all about the beach.

11825137_10205093841810023_1020817808056129383_nOne thing I love about living on Long Island is the endless activities that I can do on beautiful beach days.  From learning how to sail during a storm (was quite exciting and does make one learn quite quickly), to learning how to kayak, to bumming on the sand and watching the waves crash up to your feet, to boat parties (I follow my rich friends), to learning to surf (In a rip tide….don’t do this at home kids!!!), to just staring into the water off of the south shore, looking into endless sea.

I wrote a bassoon solo piece off of a storm I witnessed by the docks.  It was one of the most magnificent thing I have seen, and the sound of the boats made my experience a musically twining night.  You can check out the piece here, as well as a mix I am working on about my South shore Long Island adventures. 10547518_10202667605195624_7654563185908639359_n

Every year I make a playlist to accompany my many journeys on “the shore”.   I decided to share it with you all! A random, yet beachy collection of songs, that depict my summer of fun.


Any songs I should add? let me know! Enjoy your summer folks!


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