My Top 5 Free Outdoor Summer Concert Locations in NYC

By: Mariah Simpson, 6/8 Records Intern

If you live in NYC, then you know that the city has so many different free events to spend your summer at. Outdoor concerts are a very popular place for New Yorkers to hang out with friends and enjoy seeing most of their favorite artists for free. Although you might have to fight crowds and mess up your sleeping schedule, it is well worth it to see artists such as Ed Sheeran or Paramore without having to spend any money!

Here is a list of my top 5 favorite summer outdoor concert locations in New York City:


1. Today Show Citi Concert Series at Rockefeller Plaza

The Today Show’s summer concert series is definitely my favorite location of all. Every summer, A-list musicians such as Harry Styles and Halsey perform at Rockefeller Plaza to be broadcasted on national television. Anyone is allowed to come to the concert but the Today Show also has reserved passes for fans to automatically be brought to the front of the crowd on arrival. This is my favorite location in NYC because passes are not too difficult to win and there is a high chance to be shown in the crowd on television while attending a fun concert!

For a list of the full concert series lineup, click here.


2. Good Morning America at Summerstage in Central Park


The Summerstage in Central Park, owned by Good Morning America’s summer concert series, is another great outdoor location in NYC. Weekly concerts are broadcasted on national television with artists such as Fifth Harmony and The Chainsmokers drawing in large crowds. Admission into the concert is free but anyone who wishes to attend must reserve a ticket online (with no additional costs) on a first come, first served basis. I believe this is a fantastic location due to the space and accessibility of being in Central Park, the heart of Manhattan!

For a list of the full concert series lineup, click here.


3. Celebrate Brooklyn at Prospect Park Bandshell


One of the best outdoor concert locations outside of Manhattan is definitely at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. This is a convenient location for those who live in other boroughs of NYC but still want to attend free shows. The Celebrate Brooklyn summer concert series hosts a variety of different musicians such as Lake Street Drive and The Soul Rebels; it is a great spot to check out new and rising acts before anyone else does!

For a list of the full concert series lineup, click here.


4. Lincoln Center Out of Doors at Hearst Plaza


Lincoln Center is known for a being home to the arts – many different ballets, orchestras, and operas are performed within the different stage areas. Over the summer, Lincoln Center hosts free concerts outside of their multiple buildings to showcase different talents to a larger audience. This summer, different groups such as La Casita and Heart of Tones will be appearing – this is an awesome location to hear a wide variety of music without paying for an expensive ticket!

For a list of the full event series lineup, click here.


5. Outdoor Events at Bryant Park 

broadway in bp - aug 9, 2012 (66)

Bryant Park is conveniently located minutes away from Times Square, one of the most popular tourist destinations in New York City. Other than just going there to look at the view, Bryant Park also hosts different events throughout the summer – including free outdoor concerts! One concert that draws in a large crowd every year is Broadway in Bryant Park, where multiple casts of different broadway shows perform snippets from their most well-known songs. This is a perfect location to enjoy looking at different Manhattan skyscrapers and watching the best performances that the city has to offer!

For a list of the full event series lineup, click here.


I hope you take advantage of the multitude of free outdoor events in NYC this summer! Having so many options of music to hear live just reminds me of why New York truly is the greatest city in the world. Now go out and attend a concert at one of these locations!


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