6/8 Asks: How Do You Stay Healthy on Tour?

Same routine, new city, different day.  Where days become weeks, and weeks become months and the view outside the tour bus window are never the same.  Set up and tear down, rinse and repeat. Welcome, my friends, to tour life. These glorious days will be remembered as some of the best days of your life, but also possibly some of the most hectic and stressful. Regardless if you’re a touring artist, managing a tour, or a member of the crew, you’ll find that it is vital to maintain a healthy work life balance while on the road. And while this may be easier said than done, it’s helpful to know that you are not alone in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while succeeding in the music industry. We polled some fabulous women in the music industry who gave us some great tips + trips for staying healthy while on tour:

“Stay away from fast food if you can —  buy your own food, keep a small cooler with you if you don’t have a way to keep things cold, and make sure you stop at least once every few days to purchase some healthy meals. Most gas stations/rest stops have decent pre-made sandwiches and salads, anything that doesn’t have preservatives or doesn’t have to be microwaved is the best way to go. And drink WATER – avoid teas, sodas, energy drinks, etc. “

 – Stephanie Maksimow,  Music Publicist  



“Most hotels nowadays have at least an acceptable gym, so I’ve gotten used to doing a cardio focused work out after load in and show days because that’s what I like. I prefer to run for twenty minutes, hop on an elliptical or bike machine for twenty, then run for another twenty. My arms get tired enough from hauling boxes of shirts and merch all day, but I might throw in a core workout if I’m feeling perky enough. I take that time as ‘me time’ and generally refuse to go with other people I know so I can really relax as I work out. Other than that I really love stretching in the morning and at night because it’s just me being in tune with what my body wants and needs.
Eating wise, I try to avoid fast food and soda. I drink a ton of carbonated water since it’s the fizz I want the most, not really the soda. I do a lot of easy salads and definitely indulge in smart choice/healthy choice freezer meals because when it’s 1am post load out you just want food. I snack on pretzels or peppers and hummus, an occasional bag of chips, and cliff bars. When it comes to drinking I try to avoid in excess.”

– Juliet Kozlow, Retail Staff for V-Star Entertainment


“Happycow is a super helpful website (happycow.net) and they have an app
that helps you find vegetarian + vegan friendly restaurants in your area or any city you’re traveling to (it works all over the world!).  PETA and peta2 Websites have a TON of helpful guides for eating out for those with vegan/vegetarian dietary restrictions. Also drink water. Drink SOOOOOOOO much water. Bring a filtered water bottle (I use a Brita bottle) on the road so you can drink better-tasting water anywhere without having to buy bottles (which is also bad for the environment).” 

–  MOLLY Hudelson, Youth Outreach Assistant at peta2


  Lastly, several of the ladies involved in the national women’s music community, Girls Behind the Rock Show (GBTRS), have recommended you follow Realfoodology across your socials! A nutrition student and former tour manager for over ten years, Courtney (pictured here) offers fantastic advice for anyone off or off the road looking to find + maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of where you are. 


What health + wellness tips do you have for those on tour? 

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