Breathe. Just Breathe.

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Day yesterday (October 10th), and most importantly in the spirit of all of the tumultuous and saddening events going on in the world lately, I felt this quick reminder of a post was needed.

Breathe. Just Breathe.



I use this tool and have it saved on my phone and pull it up whenever needed. I encourage you to save it into your photos and use it, too!.



In a world where we are plagued with the news and current events in real time on our smartphones, smartwatches, and social media, it has become impossible to escape negativity. I’m finding that I can’t tune it out even if I wanted to.


So, since I can’t stop the natural disasters occurring coast to coast, since I can’t take the bullets for the 500+ injured souls who were just going to enjoy music together– since I can’t silence the voices that are ignorantly bellowing from behind 140 characters of venom and toxicity, I will calm my own soul and realign what I need for my mental health.


This, is called self-care. Many people mistake this for being selfish, but it’s not. It’s taking a time out and doing what you need to do at home, at work, within your family or any sort of environment until you feel healthy and fulfilled again. For some people this is listening to music, for some this is getting a massage or going for a run, and for some this is merely laying in bed with the covers pulled over their head until the day is over. Everybody’s view of self care varies and depends on their triggers, their emotional thresholds, and lifestyles.

Here’s some other great ideas for self-care. Many of them are free and easy to implement into your life regardless where you find yourself feeling unnerved or uneasy.

Lastly, a reminder, music is scientifically proved to calm your nerves and heal an array of emotional  and physical disorders. Here are some of my favorite calming playlists:

Atmospheric Calm:

Peaceful Piano:

Anxiety Attack:

Autumn Acoustic:


How do you practice self-care? What artists or albums calm you down in the face of anxiety and depression?


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