Mood Ring Music | October 23, 2017

By Amy Hanna, Production Coordinator

Happy Monday everybody, and welcome back to Mood Ring Music. Time to color our listening experiences by assigning five of this week’s coolest song releases a color and a mood.

Let’s get listening, shall we?

This past week saw the release of The Con X: Covers, a project curated by Tegan and Sara, in which some of their very favorite artists covered songs off their 10-year-old album, The Con. The proceeds for this reimagined album will benefit the Tegan and Sara Foundation, which champions LGBTQIA+ rights. The covers, each stylized and unique in their own right, show off not only the talent of the artists Tegan and Sara recruited, but also the timeless vulnerability of The Con itself. One of the highlights is the achy, atmospheric “Dark Come Soon”, covered by Grimes and HANA, under the name Trashique. Grimes and HANA have been a bit of a Thing 1 + Thing 2 pair since HANA joined Grimes on tour supporting Grimes’ 2015 album Artangels, with HANA being featured in Grimes’ live show and visuals time and time again. This cover is a perfect marriage of their sweet, yet biting tones, and the raw yearning of Tegan and Sara’s original work.

Trashique’s “Dark Come Soon” is steel grey for heartbroken.

Another stellar artist pairing? Yes, please. XL Recordings’ Richard Russel teamed up Syd and Sampha for his collaborative album project, Everything is Recorded, and the two prove to be unstoppable as a duo. Syd, The Internet member-turned-solo artist, steals the show with her sinister alto, while Mercury Award-winner Sampha lifted the track to another level with his unheeding adlibs. Syd and Sampha steer the wheel over thrumming upright bass, then swimmy synth haze, back to deep bass, and back to open synth again, confident all the while. Sampha and Syd have more than proven themselves with their solo efforts this year, but together, they’re another beast entirely.

Syd and Sampha’s “Show Love” is deep purple for passionate.

This year has seen a real presence of gospel elements in pop and hip hop, and, when used effectively, these massive choirs and punchy declarations have made for some of the most magical musical moments of the year. Big K.R.I.T.‘s newest single, “Keep The devil Off” may have flown under the radar in the slew of new releases this week, but this single is absolutely ginormous, driven by a danceable hook and a huge choir. Big K.R.I.T.’s latest is his first single in the lead up to his brand new double album set for release at the end of this week. “Keep the devil off/Can’t worry ’bout no snakes,” Big K.R.I.T. rasps, with the command of a siren. Big K.R.I.T. is unhurried and unworried throughout, and that confidence truly shines on this track.

Big K.R.I.T.’s “Keep The devil Off” is siren red for confident.

Miya Folick‘s latest single, “Give It To Me”, has just dropped. This is the title track of her upcoming EP, slated for release in early November. The track begins simply enough–short sentiments, fuzzy guitar, not much else. Everything continues to rise, though, with drums, drawn out phrases, “I behaved so good/And sat silently like you said,” delivered by Folick with a furrowed brow and wounded sort of intensity. And then everything drops, Folick wails with the most heart-wrenching abandon, and it’s unforgettable. The marriage of the music and the roller coaster visual feels stunningly apt, that if you hadn’t watched the music video, the song would still feel like a rollercoaster come to life in sound.

Miya Folick’s “Give It To Me” is hot pink for fearless.

With his debut album, On Human Freakout Mountain, alt-pop artist Zuli proves that emo isn’t dead, just a bit more refined. The album is full of dancey zingers and emotive getaways, varied sentiments waxing and waning over intricate guitar riffs. One of the standouts is “fuzzy”, a sonically minimalist offering that feels warm and sympathetic. “fuzzy”‘s magic is in its complex progressions, lifting the song from Jimmy Eat World over-earnestness to something far more special.

Zuli’s “fuzzy” is blood orange for warm.
Listen to all Mood Ring Music selections below or by clicking here.

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