Hope Heads to Billboard Touring Conference 2017

If there’s one piece of advice I could give to anyone in the music industry (or any fast moving industry for that matter), I would advise them to stay relevant and stay current. We go to sleep at night and wake up the next morning with news that has happened in only a matter of hours. Things are rapidly changing, and if we want to remain relevant in an industry like this, we need to change with it, stay informed, stay educated, stay hungry.

Something that always reignites my flame and passion for the work I do is to attend conferences. It’s a great place to network, build connections, and learn from the best in the business. This is my third year at the Billboard Touring Conferences, and my first one here in Beverly Hills, California. Once a NYC based conference, Billboard moved this to the west coast last year, and I walked away extremely impressed and satisfied after a two day jam-packed schedule filled with advice and ideas from a variety of panels with experts and influencers from each facet within the live music sector. Real, in-depth discussions from these powerhouses left me brainstorming for the year ahead and left me, naturally, inspired. I may not an agent or in charge of tour sales, but their mindsets, their experiences, and their mantras for a solid work ethic are what left me excited to head back to the Big Apple.

One thing I noticed this year versus other years prior was that the ratio (FINALLY) of women-to-men seems to be leveling out (#girlpower). As I scanned the room of attendees, I saw many women among the sea of men despite past recent years when I felt I was easily outnumbered. Nearly each panel session touched on the current events surrounding industry voices speaking out against unacceptable actions that have occurred one too many times this year– speaking specifically to sexual harassment allegations and gun violence at events. It was so refreshing and calming to see these industry leaders put their “status” to the side and vocalize their distaste for how things have been handled in our industry. It was in that moment, they weren’t just a panelist or a twitter handle I follow, they were peers in a position of leadership I could truly respect and learn from.

Thank you, Billboard! See you next year!

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