Mood Ring Music | December 4, 2017

By Amy Hanna, Production/Radio Promo Coordinator

Happy Monday, once again! Instead of complaining about how quickly the past weekend has flown by (no but seriously where did it go), we’re focusing our energy toward five of the coolest new song releases of the week, and paying attention to how those songs make us feel, and what they make us see. Like a mood ring, we will assign each of these five songs a color and a mood.

Let’s get to it!

There’s nothing quite like a fresh take on classic sounds. On her debut self-titled album, Syrian singer-songwriter Azniv Korkejian (known as Bedouine) crafted a collection of whimsical gems backed by very classic instrumentation, trading in reactionary modernism for vibey reflections. “Deep Space” is one of two bonus tracks that Bedouine has released off the back of her self-titled debut, and the song flows like a fairytale of old, with its sweeping violins and moody minor progressions. “Deep Space” talks about the unknown, about reaching past the boundaries you place around yourself for comfort, but despite the inherent fear in that, the song deeply soothes with all its quiet reflection.

Bedouine’s “Deep Space” is purple for composed.

New material from Brooklyn-based Triathalon is pleasantly sleepy, feel-good synthpop with a friendly dose of silliness. “Couch” is the lead single from their forthcoming debut Online. Both these titles are dutifully self-explanatory of their latest single, as the music evokes couch comfort while lyrics feel spacey and modern–very much in touch with the present, but not paying it too much mind. We could all use a little more simplicity, and a little more fun, and Triathalon’s “Couch” feels like the perfect cure to the winter blues.

Triathalon’s “Couch” is sky blue for content.

Ty Segall is back at it with his newest release, “The Main Pretender”, a fuzzy rock banger that features killer saxophone stylings from Mikal Cronin. The song is another one-off from Segall, who has had a productive year releasing song after infectious song throughout 2017. None of these songs seem to be part of a larger body of work (yet). “The Main Pretender” melds classic rock cool with clean, forward brass that grounds the song with a unique kind of laser focus. With every one of his new releases this year, Ty Segall has taken his trademark fuzz rock sound to new levels, and “The Main Pretender” is another stellar reinvention of sound.

Ty Segall’s “The Main Pretender” is electric blue for courageous.

Three cheers for music that’s deceptively simple. Renata Zeiguer is not an entirely new voice; the Brooklyn-based artist released an EP a few years ago, and has continued playing sets under the name Cantina, but her newest output “Bug” marks the beginning of a new journey, one that will eventually result in her first full-length LP, Old Ghost, due in February. “Bug” is lyrically rich, calling upon vivid imagery sung in a laid-back lilt. To contrast, drums crash and roll, theatrically punctuating Zeiguer’s pleas to her own mind as she seeks stability, not wanting to fall into inescapable depths within herself. With the song’s lo-fi set-up, “Bug” is a cut above the rest for the careful craft of Zeiguer’s words, swept up in the drama of rolling crescendos and unexpected melodic shifts. Simply put, “Bug” is a beast, and an exciting taste of what’s to come from Renata Zeiguer.

Renata Zeiguer’s “Bug” is red for dramatic.

Here on Mood Ring, we’re continuing the festive streak we started last week and bringing you another one of the coolest new holiday tracks of this season. This week, Marching Church has released “Christmas on Earth”, a bleak yet bombastic tune that aptly captures the melancholy of the holiday season that most songs tend to overlook. Marching Church is the current musical outlet for Danish post-punk rocker Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, who also fronts the band Ice Age. “Christmas on Earth” soars with lush melodies and stunning instrumentation, deceptively bright and triumphant behind Rønnenfelt’s hopelessly gloomy sentiments. Amidst a shroud of bright bells and brass, “Christmas on Earth” is the slush on the ground, the seasonal sadness, the honest truth of this time of year under all the lights and glitter and put-upon splendor.

Marching Church’s “Christmas on Earth” is grey for gloomy.

Listen to all Mood Ring Music selections below or by clicking here.

(Note: Ty Segall’s “The Main Pretender” is not available to stream on Spotify, so it will not featured in our weekly Spotify playlist).

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