Mood Ring Music | February 19, 2018

By Amy Hanna, Production/Radio Promo Coordinator

Happy Monday, 6/8 Music followers! To those who are new here, or need a refresher, Mood Ring Music is 6/8 Music’s weekly new music feature wherein our local chromosthete, Amy Hanna, selects five new songs from the past week and assigns them a color and a mood based on her own color perceptions of the song upon first listen. This week’s selections are all indie releases as well, so get pumped to support some incredible independent talent.

Without further adieu, here are five of this week’s best songs.

This week’s edition of Mood Ring would be absolutely pointless if I didn’t include the song that made us all swoon this Valentine’s Day. No, “Moon River” is not a Frank Ocean song, but with all the nuance and tenderness he injected into his version of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s classic, it definitely does give the stunning original a run for its money. From the second the song begins, you feel like you’re being lifted off the ground on a sort of Aladdin-esque magic carpet ride, each layer of Frank’s vocalizations another gust of wind pushing you forward into the night sky. Frank Ocean’s version of “Moon River” is almost tactile; his voice, whether processed or left raw and raspy, builds on itself, creates movement and texture that creates electricity, almost. There’s longing, there’s innocence, there’s love in this song; truly the perfect Valentine’s Day present.

Frank Ocean’s cover of “Moon River” is midnight blue for dreamy.

On the latest track from NY-based Raveena, minimalism is bliss. Piano, harp, and the lightest of chimes make their presence known very, very gently behind Raveena’s velvety smooth voice on “I Won’t Mind”. In all its stripped back glory, the best moments on “I Won’t Mind” are fully visual. Raveena sings about the care and sensitivity of her lover, of a “California dream house on the coast”, and each word crooned draws forth glowing images of a blooming love. This song pulls from rich lows and airy highs, heavenly and decadent. “I Won’t Mind”, for all its sparseness, is a little piece of heaven on earth.

Raveena’s “I Won’t Mind” is wine red for sultry.

With each new release, Shamir is proving himself to be one of the sharpest voices for millennials at the moment. Confident, witty, and relentless, there are few topics that the singer-songwriter shies away from. On his latest, “Room”, Shamir shines with infectious melodies wisped over crunchy, country guitars. The music video is equally effervescent and real, showing snapshots of room that feels just as homey as “Room” itself. There’s a beautiful hopefulness to this song, one that’s so sorely needed in a time that seems so hopeless. I can’t help but think that was intentional.

Shamir’s “Room” is yellow for cheerful.

Upon its release, Nashville singer-songwriter Liza Anne cited “I’m Tired, You’re Lonely” as her favorite song from her upcoming record, Fine But Dying. From what we’ve heard (and loved) from Liza Anne so far, we’re inclined to agree. “I’m Tired, You’re Lonely” is a beautiful lamentation, a rose with petals falling off, stunning but altogether painful. The vocals are clear and beautiful, but in parts Liza Anne seems to wrench the words “I’m tired/you’re lonely” out of her chest, as if it hurts to say. The rawness is impressive, and the variation between this song and previous releases is impressive, too.

Liza Anne’s “I’m Tired, You’re Lonely” is blue-grey for melancholy.

SOPHIE is back with another churning, smart banger, “Faceshopping”. Not unlike the DJ’s previous releases, the song haunts, and employs metallic clangs and dramatic climaxes to bring its themes to life. “I’m real when I shop my face,” SOPHIE declares, more likely than not referring to Photoshop, or any other face modification for that matter. The robotic delivery feels confident; rather than a rejection of “shopping face”, SOPHIE reclaims it, uses it for her own power. The song receives a heavenly interjection from vocalist Cecile Believe, wrapping this song up as a jarring but absolutely potent journey from start to finish.

SOPHIE’s “Faceshopping” is hot pink for confident.

Listen to all Mood Ring Music selections below or by clicking here.

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