Music Meets Tech: 4 Apps to Help You Attend Your Next Show


When you live in a city like New York City, there is never a shortage of live music, shows, or events revolving around music. When I first moved to the city, I challenged myself to go to one show per week— but the show had to be a headliner I had never heard of before. This allowed me to not only get to know my new city, but it also forced me to push myself outside my comfort zone of what I typically listen to. I’m one that listens to the same music, over and over again. So by challenging myself myself a bit more  to step outside my playlists, it allowed me to be a well rounded music guru, concert goer, and matured my musical palette, so to speak. 🙂

Sometimes it can be difficult to find live music and concerts in a specific area for a specific date without getting overwhelmed—here’s a couple apps I’ve used that have helped me find live shows, ranging from my next mosh pit or hole-in-the-wall venue:


Cost: App is Free, Membership $25/month for unlimited concerts — get guest listed (first come first serve) or use points for upgrading your tickets.

What it does: Choose your location and get a rundown of some amazing shows. Some acts are popular, like Fall Out Boy, while others are new, up + coming artists that you’ll wish you found out about sooner.

Why I love it: A GA concert ticket is typically $10-$30 bucks, so for $25 I get UNLIMITED concert tickets!? It pays for itself in it’s first month! I also connect it to my social media channels, allowing me to “gig with” (attend) shows with my friends who I didn’t even know were planning on going!


Cost: Free to download, takes you to the most affordable ticket sale platform once you’re ready to purchase tickets.

What it does: Syncs with your iTunes library, Spotify, Pandora, other music streaming accounts to aggregate all of your favorite artists in one place. Alerts you when they’re coming to your area.

Why I love it:  The record-scratching noise that notifies me that an artist I love is coming to a venue near me makes me jump and say “what the @#$%!?” EVERY.TIME.

Oh My Rockness

Cost:  FREE

What it does: Derived from the popular music blog, Oh My Rockness, this app has a very basic, minimalist interface to showcase upcoming live shows, specifically indie artists.

Why I love it: Easy to use, simple, links to blogs + artist news for artists featured on Oh My Rockness so I get to find out more about them before I head to a show.

Cost: FREE, takes you to the most affordable ticket sale platform once you’re ready to purchase tickets.

What it does: Similar features and interface as Bandsintown— connects to all your music streaming services and aggregators to give you email and app notifications.

Why I love it: Something that differientiates SongKick from Bandsintown is a ticker showcasing how close it is to being sold out, which comes in handy if you can’t purchase a ticket right then and there, you’ll know if it’s likely to be sold out or have tickets left day-of-show.

What apps do you use to find upcoming shows and new music? What’s the next show you’re going to? – H

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