Stay Unique, Stay Indie.

I cannot sing to save my life. No, seriously, I can’t. I watch my boyfriend politely smile as though he’s enjoying hearing me hum a few bars when I am pretty sure he’s dying inside. My singing could make babies cry (and probably has), and caused the window glass of my uber to break.

I can’t play any instruments, either. I was the worst one in my 3rd grade recorder class, too.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when I jumped head first into the music industry as a marketing and PR consultant. We’ll get into the unique story as to why I chose music another day, but for today, I want to talk to you about the struggle of being an indie artist.

“Uh, this girl just said she is not musically inclined…who is she to talk about being an indie artist?”

Well, I’m an artist as well, but an artist of the written word. I am a woman’s fiction and non-fiction author and have chosen to be an indie author. So, I can relate to the indie female artists of the world in many different respects.


There is something to be said for being indie.

There is such a sense of empowerment as a female indie artist — it is a feeling within that cannot be recreated by any other signed deal in the world. As a woman, we are given a disadvantage from the moment we breathe our first breath— a lifelong fight in trying to be seen as an equal in a man’s world.

It’s still going on, ladies + gents:

The wage gap continues to be an issue.

Clients around the world are still requesting not to have a female lead their account because they only want to work with a male.

Superiors are asking their subordinates to undo a button to help them close a deal.

Award shows’ nominee and winner ratio of men to women continue to be lopsided.

I bring all this up to remind you that we, as women, are still fighting to be seen as equals in the professional world.

That is why, for me, there is nothing like being an indie artist. I have paved my way to get where I am today, entirely self-made. I have been able to have full control over the direction of my creative projects, publicity, media tour, and more. And while it is exhausting and draining at times, I would not have it any other way.

This last week as I was prepping and preparing for my book release, I noticed the correlation between me the indie author and you, our readers, the indie musicians. We are not that different– in fact, we are not that different at all. We are both seeking success and exposure, but as long as it’s genuine and intentional. We both desire for our messages to be heard without a major label or (in my case) publishing company telling us what to wear or what to sing or write. We are the trailblazers. We are the naysayers. We are the go-getters.

We’re indie.


XO, Hope


As many of you know, my role here at 6/8 Music is to help you indie beauties who need help with bits and pieces of your journey as an indie artist that perhaps you’re finding daunting, intimidating, or just impossible. Shoot me an email at and let’s talk marketing  + publicity for your indie project! I’d love to hear about it!

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