Mood Ring Music | April 9, 2018

By Amy Hanna, Production/Radio Promo Coordinator

Happy Monday, 6/8 Music followers! To those who are new here, or those who need a refresher, Mood Ring Music is 6/8 Music’s weekly new music feature wherein I, Amy Hanna, local chromosthete, select five new songs from the past week and assign them a color and a mood based upon my color perceptions of the song upon first listen. This week’s selections are widely varied, and altogether colorful, like always.

Here are five of this week’s best songs, and their many, many colors.

Universal love is something to heartily celebrate. Incidentally, so is Universal Love: Wedding Songs Reimagined, a compilation of covers released this week by artists that are inclusive of LGBT couples. Artists like Kesha and Bob Dylan performed songs with flipped pronouns to promote more kinds of love in pop music. One of the best covers of the bunch is St. Vincent‘s “And Then She Kissed Me,” a buoyant, fuzzy cover of The Crystals’ classic doo-wop bop “Then He Kissed Me”. St. Vincent’s interpretation of the song strikes with ear-catching guitar and fun, saccharine sweet vocals, and feels like a fresh, playful, innocent side that contrasts the ultra-sexy, darker vibes of her latest album, Masseduction. Sure, St. Vincent may not be a stranger to singing love songs about women, but every single one she performs is worth celebrating.

St. Vincent’s cover of “And The She Kissed Me” is pink for romantic.

Somehow, some way, Colombian-American singer-songwriter Kali Uchis has a firmer handle on her sound and artistic vision than so many of her peers, and she only released her debut album, Isolation, just this past Friday. Sure, Kali Uchis has making herself known in the music scene for a little while now, with features on Tyler, the Creator tracks and a few EPs already under her belt. Still, it doesn’t make her confidence, or her gorgeous, laid-back soul sound on Isolation any less impressive. “Your Teeth In My Neck” is a sexy, confident kiss-off; she never once loses her cool, remaining soulful and commanding no matter how sharp her words are. From one album alone, Kali Uchis proves she’s a force to be reckoned with, but a much more calm, composed one than you’d think.

Kali Uchis’ “Your Teeth In My Neck” is deep green for sultry.

Two years ago, Spanish indie rockers Hinds released Leave Me Alone– an energetic, jangling debut album that stacked up as one of the best releases of the year. Now they’ve returned with their sophomore effort, I Don’t Run, and luckily for us, the album is just as fun as the last. With signature, singable melodies and raucous fuzzy guitars, Hinds songs are a perfect 10 when it comes to energy. There’s something uniquely joyful about the Hinds’ lineup, and this shines through perfectly in their latest single “Finally Floating”, which features a visual of the girls biking through a vibrant city, laughing together and enjoying each other’s company. The music video feels exactly how Hinds music should be experienced: soundtracking adventure and fun, joy and light.

Hinds’s “Finally Floating” is yellow for energized.

Alina Baraz embodies grace and strength all throughout her first full-length, The Color of You. The R&B singer toes the line between undeniable sonic strength and quiet gentleness with her soft, smooth vocals. On her latest single, “I Don’t Even Know Why Though”, she channels both strength and vulnerability in gorgeous ways. Trap fills and fresh R&B sonics mix with sweet vocal delivery, and the result is a track that captures honest energy but declares Alina Baraz as boss. “I Don’t Even Know Why Though” is a misleadingly nebulous title for a song that is so gorgeously self-assured.

Alina Baraz’s “I Don’t Even Know Why Though” is red for bold.

UK rock outfit Goat Girl are one of my favorite bands at the moment. They may seem like your typical British rock outfit, and in some ways they really do embody some of the typical sonics you hear within the genre, but I can assure you they are so much more than that. This group are vivid storytellers, killer musicians, and brilliantly aware without ever coming off contrived, which certainly cannot be said of all of their counterparts. Their debut self-titled album is full of sludgy electric guitar, smooth vocal delivery, and sharp narratives of London life. “Slowly Reclines” is a favorite of mine, with all its guitar clashes, bitter honesty, and dissonant harmonies. This song, along with the rest of Goat Girl’s latest record, perfectly captures the poignant, stark grey of London life.

Goat Girl’s “Slowly Reclines” is blue-grey for hazy.

Listen to all Mood Ring Music selections below or by clicking here.

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