#WCW: 30 Questions with Staffer (and Author) Hope Alcocer

Women are superheroes, and our rockstar staff of women at 6/8 Music proves that. Meet Hope Alcocer, our Head of Marketing and PR: she’s a music lover, master wordsmith, and a local Wonder Woman who has just released her second book. Our founder and CEO, Sinem Saniye, sat down with Hope to talk about her new book, 30 Things Before 30, from the process of writing it, to challenges she’s had to face, to the passions that motivate her to express herself through the written word in the first place. Trust us when we say Hope is truly an inspiring, candid, crush-worthy #WCW that we could all learn from. Check out Hope and Sinem’s chat below!


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As someone whose also lost a father, I often wonder if he would be proud and what he would think of the grown up me. Of all your traits and achievements, what do you think your father would be most proud of?

My dad named me “Hope” as a reminder to press on  be optimistic. I would hope (no pun intended) that he would be proud of how I am have tried to remain positive throughout my trials and tribulations my family and I have dealt with the last couple decades. I know from talking to others that he was a very positive person who always saw the bright side of things, so I always strive to do the same.

You’ve done an amazing job at highlighting the importance of mental health through your own brave and candid story. If we don’t have our health, inside and out, then what do we have, really? What are some resources you would recommend for someone current struggling and looking for an anchor to life?

I highly recommend Talkspace if you do not have the time or insurance to be able to see a therapist regularly. I use it daily — I simply record as many voice memos, video messages as I want or I can type in our chat room and my therapist replies once or twice a day, depending on what plan I choose that month. An extra, added bonus to this is that she’s located in Brooklyn so if I need that in-person time, I do have it for her hourly fee.
I used to believe that only crazy people have a therapist. Once I studied psych in college, and then underwent a series of traumatic experiences, it was apparent that I’m not Wonder Woman and it’s okay to have some help sometimes. Through working with her, I am a completely changed person with a better handle on my mental health.  So, having “help” is vital for anyone trying to obtain optimal mental health. I would also say to look at your diet, as cliche as that sounds. Are the foods you’re eating (or not eating) contributing to your chronic mental or physical ailments? Are you sleeping? Drinking too much caffeine (which triggers panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, etc.) Go back to the basics and figure out what foundational pieces of your daily routine could be contributing to  a greater problem. 

Is writing therapeutic for you? Truly an endearing quality of yours, how are you able to be so open to others, to your audience, and mostly people you’ve never met?

I tell this story a lot, but I began writing when I was five years old. My mom gave me a journal and told me to write whatever I was thinking or feeling. At the time it was just like “I feel bad” “Mom is mean” “I miss my dad” but it taught me to use the written word to express myself.

I have a hard time with those on social media who just show their highlight reel. They share their lives online, but I feel like not being transparent and honest in your struggles along with your successes is misleading and not authentic. While being upfront, raw, and honest may not work for everyone, it has worked for me. I just feel I have a duty to share things that are relatable to other women so that they don’t feel so alone with their struggles. I want to be authentic and genuine for anyone who reads my story.

Do you listen to music or a playlist when you write? If so, give us some favorite artists and songs.

I listen to a lot of Joshua Radin when I write. I love the ‘Coffee House’ Spotify playlist as well. For my first book, which was based on my real life, I listened to songs playing during the real life event that inspired the characters or the event in the book, or songs to me sent by those who are in the book. I had that on repeat as I crafted and curated these fictional characters based on real people and events from several years ago.

What’s your go-to for capturing ideas? Do you write on your laptop, or use pen and paper? Any writing/creativity- related apps?

I have over 200 notes in my iPhone right now. I jot things down randomly and bring them back to life in my quiet/off time (if I ever have any of that). 😉

Much like in music, there are pros and cons to being an indie musician. You wrote a fantastic blog for us on this topic. What are the pros and cons, in your opinion, of being an indie (self-published) author?

Pros: you have full control of the book’s creative direction, the launch, and the publicity. You keep all profits.
Cons: it’s entirely self-funded and all costs are upfront. You have to work to get it in front of influencers and leaders non-stop to maintain the momentum, whereas a publishing company/agent would be handling that for you.

Out of all the lessons and heartaches in your life thus far, if you had to pick one, which one is the most difficult, and why?
I have wasted so much time in my life investing into others who did not deserve it. The red flags and warning signs were clear, but I chose to ignore them because I was afraid of not being accepted or loved. I wish I loved and valued myself enough to know when it was time to cut cords and move on.

Are you involved in any charities? If so, which one(s) mean the most to you and why?

I’m not married to one charity in particular but my heart aches for any foundation revolving around Traumatic Brain Injuries (suffered one myself in 2005) and the care/supported needed post-injury.

Any plans/projects for your 40th birthday? (Mine is to complete a marathon)

I just want to be a mom to at least two little ones by then. ❤

Give us a list of 10 things you’re wondering about or hope to learn in your 30s, one for each year. Question format allowed!

1. Will my boobs really sag in my 30s? *gulp*
2. Can I not handle my alcohol like a champ anymore?
3. I want to learn the art of balance between life and work, not just when a health scare shakes me into realignment again.
4. Will my energy level change dramatically from my 20s?
5. Which friends will stick around and which will drift apart during my 30s?
6. I want to have a hobby that is not work related.
7. I hope to learn more abut my dad who passed when I was 6 weeks old.
8. I wonder what life will look like in my 30s in the love department— married? kids? Both?
9. I wonder if I will yearn for a crazy busy schedule like I do now, or welcome peace and quiet?
10. Will I write another book in the next ten years?

Speed Round! 20 more Qs

Favorite color: Tiffany Blue

Favorite food: Hummus.

Biggest pet peeve? People asking if they can have a free book who aren’t press, media, an influencers, etc. They have no idea how much producing these projects cost…Like, “I’m just trying to break even!”

Favorite city, state, or country: Monterey, California

Women’s Rights – Favorite issue/challenge? Eating Disorders and body image awareness.

Favorite smell: Evergreens

Favorite age (thus far): 29

Favorite song: Feel Good Drag, Anberlin

Favorite Pinterest Board: My gift idea board….my boyfriend goes on there and picks gifts to give me from time to time. So I just keep adding to it 😉

Favorite celeb crush: I’m straight as a board but still: Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman). My WCE! 

Cats or Dogs? DOGS

Favorite language: English

Favorite musician: Joshua Radin

Favorite author: Emily Griffin

Favorite book: You Can Heal Your Life: Louise Hay

Favorite spa treatment: Massage

Favorite gluten-free snack: guacamole

Favorite smoothie: Anything with coffee in it

Favorite Gym exercise: Wundabar Pilates

2002 or 2020? 2020. So much in life to look forward to!


Check out Hope’s Newest Book, 30 Things Before 30 via her website and Amazon (paperback + kindle) 

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