#WCW Feature Interview: Veronica Fusaro

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Photo by Tobias Sutter

Meet Veronica Fusaro, a singer-songwriter-electronic-pop emerging artist from Switzerland who is gearing up to take the States (and the world) by storm. And if this is your first introduction to the Swiss songstress, be sure to remember her name, because you’ll definitely be hearing it again very, very soon. Fusaro released her ICE COLD EP this past February, and it’s full of tenderly crafted, dark pop tunes that are as meticulous as they are catchy. In this exclusive Q&A, we spoke with Fusaro about her process, her early start in music, and all the exciting things she’s been up to in 2018–including an appearance at the Winter Olympics in Seoul (how cool is that?!).

Without further adieu, here’s our chat with our #WCW, Veronica Fusaro!

6/8: For those who are unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe your musical style?

VF: I make some sort of Pop and R&B mixture.

6/8: You’re a fairly young artist at age 20. How early in your life did you start making music?

VF: It feels like music has always been around, I’ve always loved singing. My parents aren’t musical at all, but they got me a guitar when I was in 4th grade and I started writing my own songs. With time passing by, music turned into a passion and well, here I am! 🙂

6/8: From what we can see, your growth as an artist has happened very quickly over such a short span of time. Tell us about how you’ve grown and shifted from the singer who performed (very beautifully, we might add) on The Voice of Switzerland, to the artist you are today.

VF: First of all, thank you! The Voice was a little chapter in my life, I had already gotten into songwriting myself and started discovering the world of music production when I decided to go there. It was a nice experience overall, but the important steps for me happened afterwards – I did even more writing and producing, which resulted in me releasing my first EP called Lost In Thought, which came out January 2016. That’s were things really started rolling!

6/8: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

VF: One of my biggest inspirations is Amy Winehouse. I adore the way she wrote, her lyrics are incredible. I feel like she was really good at capturing a moment in words and melodies. Another artist that I look up to is Frank Ocean. I love the scenery he paints with sounds, and the vocals and lyrics hold my breath for a couple of minutes.

Photo by Tobias Sutter

6/8: You just released your latest EP, ICE COLD, in February. Tell us about the process of making that EP, and how it came to life.

VF: I constantly write songs. It’s not something that I can’t turn off. So some songs that are on ICE COLD are 2 years old already. I had these 4 songs that I had written and produced in my parents basement plus one that I wrote in on of my first ever sessions in Berlin. And it came quite naturally to me to put these songs together and call this little world ICE COLD. 

6/8: The lead single off your Ice Cold EP, “Better If I Go”, has been stuck in our heads since we’ve heard it. What was the process behind making that song?

VF: That is the only song on the EP that I didn’t write by myself, it came into existence during a session I did in Berlin last January. Kersha and I wrote the lyrics, Jérôme and Björn did mostly the production. I had the melody for the pre-hook, and from there on we started building the rest of the song.

6/8: We know choosing a favorite song is like choosing a favorite child, but if you were to pick one song from your Ice Cold EP for people to listen to, which would it be and why?

VF: Haha, yes it is! Hmm it always depends on my mood, but at the moment it is “Off You”. I’m currently on tour, and this song is so much fun to play live! 

Photo by Tobias Sutter

6/8: 2018 seems to be an amazing year for you so far. You got the incredible opportunity to travel to Seoul to perform during the 2018 Winter Olympics. We’d love to hear all about your time there.

VF: Where do I start? It was an incredible journey, I had never touched ground on the Asian continent before. It was extremely interesting to get to know this quite different culture. I was able to play at the House of Switzerland and visit Seoul, which was both very exciting. And the food… the food was SO GOOD. Definitely going back there some time!

6/8: You also got the chance to open up for the wonderful Ibeyi at O2 Academy Brixton in London this year. What was that experience like?

VF: That was a lot of fun! Being able to open a concert for such incredible artists such as Ibeyi is a very cool opportunity for me, especially in London. I had never played in such a big venue in London, so that was a really cool experience.

6/8: Any plans to visit the U.S. in the future? We’d love to see you perform!

VF: Actually, yes! I’m gonna be in Los Angeles in June, hopefully for a gig or two! I’d love to see you there! 🙂

6/8: You were one of our featured artists on our Valentine’s Day blog post, 14 Fabulous Females. Any advice for other female artists out there?

VF: First of all, thank you very much for featuring me 🙂 I’d say, just do your thing. Just be yourself. I know, this sounds way easier than it might be, but believe in your visions and dreams, and you’ll be happy.

Be sure to keep up with Veronica on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook, her website, and check out her music, including her ICE COLD EP, by clicking here.

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