Mood Ring Music | April 30, 2018

By Amy Hanna, Production/Radio Promo Coordinator

Happy Monday, 6/8 Music followers! To those who are new here, or those who need a refresher, Mood Ring Music is 6/8 Music’s weekly new music feature wherein I, Amy Hanna, local chromosthete, select some new songs from the past week and assign them a color and a mood based upon my color perceptions of the song upon first listen.

Here are four of this week’s best songs, and their many, many colors.

With three spots on our Mood Ring Music playlist taken, Janelle Monae is absolutely inescapable within this feature. However, there’s good reason: her latest album, Dirty Computer, stands for so many things that 6/8 Music does, like embracing individuality and pushing against the norm, all while empowering marginalized groups (most specifically, Black women). “Dirty Computer”, the album’s stacked, groovy title track, acts as the album’s mission statement, punctuated by lush, otherworldly harmony layers bolstered by the King of Harmonies himself, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. “Dirty Computer”, the creed of unapologetic weirdness, of embracing pure individual goodness that the rest of the world may deem as “dirty”, all comes to a head on this stunning, high-off-the-ground track that may be one of the best of the year so far.

Janelle Monae’s “Dirty Computer” is red for unapologetic.

Speaking of artists who have made appearances on Mood Ring Music in the past, Half Waif is no stranger to our feature either. The singer-songwriter’s debut album, Lavender, has finally been released to the world in full this past Friday, and the complete work is a journey far, far away, amongst flower petals and fire and air. “Lavender Burning”, the album’s opening track, aches like a fresh wound, Nandi Rose Plunkett’s voice dripping with feeling as she sings, “I miss New York/And that’s the loneliest feeling.” The album is sonically rich, feeling vintage and timeless even with all the futuristic synthesizers. Full of tender moments that bloom like spring, Lavender can and should go down as an indie classic.

Half Waif’s “Lavender Burning” is indigo for melancholy.

It may be just another Manic Monday, but there is certainly reason to rejoice, as the California hip hop collective The Internet have returned. The members of the group have been anything but M.I.A., working on richly creative solo projects (one of the most notable is Syd’s Fin, a sexy R&B feat that resulted in one of last year’s best albums). However, there’s something about such talented, creative forces joining up for some collaborative magic, and that’s always been what The Internet is all about. “Roll (Burbank Funk)” is the first taste fans get of the newest The Internet record, and like the name implies, the song is a deeply joyous, funky output that will have you dancing from the opening beat. The Internet prove that anything is better with a little help from your friends.

The Internet’s “Roll (Burbank Funk)” is purple for cool.

Twerp Verse, the new album from Speedy Ortiz, is endlessly clever in every way. Each line and lyric is delivered with something of a wry smile, a knowing hint in lead singer Sadie Smith’s voice that alerts listeners to the fact that she’s one step ahead, but never in a contrived way–Smith is just very much in control of everything going on in this music, and that’s something to celebrate. From the opening drone, “Alone with Girls” rocks lazily, and Smith croons cleverly, and it’s the kind of indie rock that immediately separates itself from the pack. “Alone with Girls” is one great track amongst a collection of stellar work. Don’t sleep on Twerp Verse, y’all (I doubt anyone is, but seriously, take my word for it).

Speedy Ortiz’s “Alone With Girls” is lime green for sharp.

Listen to all Mood Ring Music selections below or by clicking here.

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