Social Media Tips for Indie Artists :: Recap // Social Media Week Conference

caleb-dow-628090-unsplashSocial media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Like technology, social media is ever changing, and extremely fluid. The popularity of each social network changes regularly, as do the tactics and strategy.  As a marketing professional, I continually aim to not stay stagnant in my knowledge base of social media and digital marketing. One way to stay ‘sharp’ is to attend workshops, conferences, and tune into digital marketing webinars. Social Media Week has been one I try to frequent whenever time allows — they’re located throughout the country throughout the year and also have satellite broadcasts should you miss any of them or need to watch them on demand.

Here are a couple vital takeaways for the indie artist: 

Stay active on socials, even when there is not a ton going on. Stay relevant.
I think one of the biggest mistakes we all make is that when our lives aren’t crazy busy we stop posting and interacting on social media. Perhaps for you it’s the polar opposite and you are just too busy. This is when you need to keep posting. It doesn’t have to be a couple times a day, or even every day, but it does need to be consistent and often. Social Media is a trend map and your fans + friends are the radar— if you don’t keep your place on the map, you will fall off their radar have to work twice as hard to get back on the map. 


Put your energy into the most popular network at the time — for now, it’s Instagram.
But that doesn’t mean stop posting on your other networks entirely. It’s a balancing act.There was a time where Facebook was the most popular social network. There was also a time when MySpace was the be all end all. Let us not forget when Vine reigned. My point is that since social media is fluid and ever-changing, it means the most popular network will change as well. What was once #1 will fall off it’s throne in a matter of months. This being said, it’s smart to populate your content (and music) on the most popular network for optimal exposure and visibility, but keep up with your other networks as well running in the “background” as well. Right now, the most popular and beneficial social network is Instagram, so focus the majority of your time, energy, and fan interaction on there while Twitter and Facebook run in the “background”. At some point, the tables will turn and another network will be the front runner, so it’s important to not stop posting content entirely.

Don’t stop blogging.
Everyone is saying blogging is dead. I hate that. I’ve spend countless hours blogging over the last decade, so hearing this really bummed me out. However, after attending Social Media Week 2018 I was happy to hear that while it may not be the most popular way of seeking content and gaining followers, you need to still keep up with your blog. Your blog is the central, timeless hub of information that documents your career, life, or music discography. While social media posts quickly drop to the bottom of the feed and drift off the social radar, your blog posts remain permanent and are easily achieved and searched. Your blog provides SEO accross the web, while social media posts are fluid and fleeting. Moral of the story: Don’t shut down that wordpress blog even if you have 2 views per week. Keep the consistent content flowing, even if you feel it’s pointless.

Connect with brands who have an impact on your life.
We are living in a day and age of influencers. That’s right…people can make a full time living off of reviewing, wearing, and showcasing products and services on social media! But what is an influencer, really?Influencer: a person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media (


So how can you be an influencer as an artist?  a.) Make a list of brands or services you use regularly. b.) Contact the media point of contact at that brand or service and let them know you use them regularly and explain how it’s positively impacted your life. c.) explain who you are, your following, and what you do as an indie artist d.) ask if you can collaborate via social media and cross promote with your channels. You’d be surprised how many say yes!

You are what you tweet.I think the current state of affairs in Washington shows how important this is. Do not be that artist or public figure who tweets in the moment when they are emotional and tension is running high. Remember that in 140 characters or less you could ruin your career or spend the next several months doing damage control. Posting out of anger or frustration never helped anyone’s music career, or any career for that matter. Pause, think, reflect and then hit the tweet button.


How do you use social media to promote yourself as an artist? What are some tactics you use, and what are some you’ve used but would avoid?


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