6/8 Music Organization Spotlight: D’Addario Foundation

At 6/8 Music, we try to be more than just a record label. We are loud and proud in our pursuits to empower women, amplify marginalized voices, and break mental health stigmas. Inspired doesn’t even begin to cover our feelings toward organizations working toward the same vision of equality and understanding in our society. For all of our admiration, we have created a monthly feature series on organizations that inspire us to work harder and smarter toward the goal of a better present, and a better future.

D’Addario Foundation

Foundation_Logo_New_2017Music education programs are in danger. Public school music and arts budgets have been cut immensely over the past decade. Beyond that, 40% of high schools in the United States do not require coursework in music or the arts for graduation. Music and arts education have proven time and time again to provide real benefits to students, including but not limited to language skills, spatial-temporal skills, and improved test scores. We at 6/8 Music believe in the transformative power of music, and luckily, so does the D’Addario Foundation, an incredible organization working to bring music education resources to students across the world.

The D’Addario Foundation is a non-profit organization that partners with passionate music educators in order to ensure quality music education for those in need, and awards grants and product donations to assist growth and development. The D’Addario Foundation began in 1979, stemming from efforts from Jim and Janet D’Addario to foster musical talent. Ever since then, the organization has grown to address the continued need of supporting comprehensive, enriching music education programs for students. The D’Addario Foundation reaches 54 countries across the world, 47 states in the USA, and includes over 700 programs globally that are connecting people to the power of music. Every dollar donated to the D’Addario Foundation goes directly to support music programs that the D’Addario Foundation have seeded at the earliest stages of development, to ensure the best education possible. To help support this amazing cause, click here to donate to the D’Addario Foundation.

D’Addario Foundation, in addition to aiding music education for youths across the globe, are well-aware of the unique impacts that race, gender, and class have on access to music education. To address the gender disparities in music education, D’Addario Foundation began the Music Education for Girls Initiative. According to their website, the mission of the Music Education for Girls Initiative is “to dedicate funding for advanced learning opportunities, scholarships, and transformative musical experiences that foster both personal and professional growth. This support not only serves to motivate girls to continue participating in existing programs, but to nurture them along their educational journey.” In order to take part in closing the inequality gap for music education for girls, click here to donate to the Music Education for Girls Initiative.

To learn more about the D’Addario Foundation, visit their website, and be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram page. If you’d like your organization, or a colleague’s organization featured on our blog, please email us at staff@68records.com, and you may be featured on our blog in the coming months!

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