#WCW Feature Interview: Julia Ostrov & Kristen Plylar-Moore

There's nothing quite like political unrest to incite real emotion... and unprecedented creativity. In recent years, we've seen artists scrap projects and create new, re-imagined masterpieces with the fuel of discontentment for the present, and fear of the future. In tumultuous times like these, it's art we turn to give us strength to fight daily … Continue reading #WCW Feature Interview: Julia Ostrov & Kristen Plylar-Moore

#WCW Feature Interview: X. Ari

From the moment we connected for 6/8 Music's Women on a Mission: International Women's Day feature, we knew we had happened upon a very special artist in X. Ari. X. Ari is the definition of a thoughtful, and thought-provoking artist. She blends her own personal experiences and struggles with mental health directly into her rich, haunting … Continue reading #WCW Feature Interview: X. Ari