#WCW Feature Interview: Lesley Barth

Within minutes of hearing Lesley Barth's music, you'll feel like you've known her forever. Well, at least that's how we at 6/8 Music felt the first time we heard her vivid, lovelorn debut album,¬†Green Hearts. Her music takes all of the warmest vintage references, and brings them to the modern era with a relatable and … Continue reading #WCW Feature Interview: Lesley Barth

Songs of the Summer: 2017 Female Edition

By: Mariah Simpson, 6/8 Records Intern With summer coming just around the corner, many people are predicting what songs will be constantly playing on the radio as we enjoy the hot weather. 2017 has been a great year of success for women, as many top charting songs were sung exclusively by women. ¬†Since we are … Continue reading Songs of the Summer: 2017 Female Edition