Brass Bands: The Up and Cometh

Photo Credit to Rebirth Brass Band

By Allison Duggan, Label Manager Featured image: Rebirth Brass Band At age 13, I switched from orchestra to percussion. My reasonings were that I was sick of violin, and knew my orchestra teacher in high school was not going to be able to train me in cello (I still look back, daydreaming the "what if's" … Continue reading Brass Bands: The Up and Cometh

Why WE love Blogging! Great job Suzie Marie!

“I don’t work with brands, I don’t have things to sell, I just like writing things down. So, whilst I’m not going to pretend that I don’t care about numbers and followers, I’ve learnt that, for me, blogging has somewhat transcended all of that.” via A Mushy Love Letter About Blogging — Discover