Mood Ring Music | June 4, 2018

By Amy Hanna, Production/Radio Promo Coordinator Our holiday long weekend (and consequent Mood Ring Music hiatus) has passed, so it's time to shake off the dust on the internet's most colorful new music feature and get back to sharing all those saturated slappers. To those who are new to the Mood Ring Music feature, or … Continue reading Mood Ring Music | June 4, 2018

Swooning for Jessica Leibowitz! (of Babetown)

By Sinem Saniye for 6/8 Music. Photos by Rob Howard. Every now and then, we love our women in music who present us with a collaborative project that delights our listening palette and enriches our lives. Who are we kidding? We love lots of them! We're talking especially about duo groups that, combined, create a … Continue reading Swooning for Jessica Leibowitz! (of Babetown)