#WCW Feature Interview: Julia Ostrov & Kristen Plylar-Moore

There's nothing quite like political unrest to incite real emotion... and unprecedented creativity. In recent years, we've seen artists scrap projects and create new, re-imagined masterpieces with the fuel of discontentment for the present, and fear of the future. In tumultuous times like these, it's art we turn to give us strength to fight daily … Continue reading #WCW Feature Interview: Julia Ostrov & Kristen Plylar-Moore

#WednesdayWisdom: Quotable Women in Music

By Amy Hanna, Production Coordinator We've reached the middle of another week, and if yours has been anything like our team's, you're desperately seeking Friday. To help cure those burnout blues, we've compiled some nuggets of wisdom from some of our favorite women in music to keep us motivated to keep pressing forward through the … Continue reading #WednesdayWisdom: Quotable Women in Music

#WCW Feature Interview: Drea

LA-based singer-songwriter¬†Drea proves that music can (and should) be bigger than the person singing it. Pulling inspiration from limitless genres and styles, this pop songstress uses her distinctive voice to lift up topics like sexism, racism, and violence among so many more, making for catchy electro-pop with a clear and powerful message. Drea's music isn't … Continue reading #WCW Feature Interview: Drea

#WomanCrush Wednesday | Organizations We’re Crushing On

It's Wednesday! Woo! Halfway through the week, y'all. Wednesday, in the social media world, usually means one of two things: 1. We'll reference Mean Girls " On Wednesdays We Wear Pink." in some way, shape, or form. or 2. WCW. Women Crush Wednesday. Well, since I'm not wearing pink today, I'd like to have #2 … Continue reading #WomanCrush Wednesday | Organizations We’re Crushing On