#WCW Feature Interview: Veronica Fusaro

Meet Veronica Fusaro, a singer-songwriter-electronic-pop emerging artist from Switzerland who is gearing up to take the States (and the world) by storm. And if this is your first introduction to the Swiss songstress, be sure to remember her name, because you'll definitely be hearing it again very, very soon. Fusaro released her ICE COLD EP … Continue reading #WCW Feature Interview: Veronica Fusaro

#WomanCrush Wednesday | Organizations We’re Crushing On

It's Wednesday! Woo! Halfway through the week, y'all. Wednesday, in the social media world, usually means one of two things: 1. We'll reference Mean Girls " On Wednesdays We Wear Pink." in some way, shape, or form. or 2. WCW. Women Crush Wednesday. Well, since I'm not wearing pink today, I'd like to have #2 … Continue reading #WomanCrush Wednesday | Organizations We’re Crushing On