“Women of the World-We Have a Voice”-How Lissie Made Me Feel Empowered as a Woman

Allison Duggan, Label Manager

It boggles my mind that in this day and age women still have to fight for their rights to a healthy and prosperous life.

In the United States, we are currently facing a war with our government over the fate of Planned Parenthood, which provides millions of women the healthcare they need in order to live healthy lives. This past month, the organization ran a series of ads against GOP leaders who have voiced their opinions and votes to defund this non-profit orgCarol McDonaldanization “Each one of these Republican Senate candidates has voted to defend Planned Parenthood and staked out positions that threaten millions of women across this country,” Deirdre Schifeling, the executive director of Planned Parenthood Votes said in a press release. “Not only is this agenda dangerous, but it is incredibly unpopular.” -Planned Parenthood Representative (Marina Fang, Huffington Post, Oct. 2016)

The United States has also faced a divide due to the presidential race, having a hashtag attacking women’s right to vote with #repealt395AC13000000578-3836460-image-a-30_1476369119384.jpghe19th.  This hashtag divided women with their choice of nominees for the next election.

These issues are harsh, yet we are lucky. Women all over the world are faced with issues of equality.

One of my favorite newly discovered artists, Lissie, wrote a song about women in Africa who have to walk for hours in order to obtain water.The practice dates back generations, can be extremely dangerous and prevents communities from reaching any sort of gender parity. (Ben Bamsey, CNN, March 2016). In that spirit of positive change, Lissie has partnered with a nonprofit called charity: water. The group has helped 5.6 million people

images-1around the world by providing clean, convenient and sustainable access to water. Through March 15, 100% of the proceeds from “Daughters” will go to charity:water and directly to people in need (Ben Bamsey, CNN, March 2016).

You can watch the video below, which shows pictures of women in Africa making the walk to water, and living the life that their society still allows:

This song has spoken to me for not only the women in Africa, but for all the women around the world who need a voice.  With our issues in The United States, we all have a voice to make change for women in a positive light.  In citing Lissie’s lyrics:

We are the daughters
We are the damned and doomed
Give us your violence
We won’t be silent, ooh
We are the shelter
We are the helpers, ooh
We are the daughters

We are the generation for change, and if you want to join hands to make the world a better place for women, research for charities, join hands with your fellow friends and make a statement.  Hashtags debunking women’s rights is not what we set out to do.  Allowing women to walk miles for water is not a right. Having children born into a world of poverty and their mothers gone, is not a right. It is time for us to make a change! This song by the talented Lissie made me feel all the issues we face as women, and felt in my heart that we must continue to fight for our rights to live an equal, fulfilled life, for myself and for all around the world.


What song speaks to you about women’s rights?  Comment below and let us know!

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