The Grammy Awards 2018: 6/8 Records Edition

The Recording Academy just announced the 60th Grammy Award nominees on Tuesday, and as always, the nominations, as well as the Grammy ceremony itself, have been met with both praise and objection. At 6/8, we’re not going to tell you how to feel about the Grammys. However, the goal of the Grammys is to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry, and I think we can all agree that there’s been lots of outstanding music worthy of recognition this year.

In the spirit of celebrating the music that moved us in 2017, the ladies at 6/8 Records, Hope Alcocer (Marketing and Promotions Coordinator), Amy Hanna (Production/Radio Promotions Coordinator), and Sinem Saniye (Founder), are conducting the 1st Annual Grammy Awards: 6/8 Records Edition. We will all select nominations for each of the Big Four categories: Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist.

Now, without further adieu, let the 1st Annual 6/8 Grammy Awards commence!

Song of the Year

Song of the year 68

Hope: “Praying” by Kesha. Kesha released this song in lieu of finally laying her trauma and past to rest. What a perfect time in the world of media to do so. 2017 was a year of women (and men) breaking the silence about dark moments within the entertainment industry. Once voice speaking among the crowd has led to thousands of people coming forward and saying “Me Too”.
Amy: I’m nominating “No One Knows Me (Like the Piano)” by Sampha. The first time I heard it, the lyrics punched me in the gut; it’s one of those songs that’s super personal but makes nostalgic for my own past anyway.
Sinem: “Hey, Girl” by Lady Gaga and Florence Welch. I saw Gaga’s documentary, Five Foot Two, and really enjoyed seeing the collaboration between these powerhouse ladies. That being said, the song’s meaning is even more powerful, based on Gaga’s Aunt Joanne, who passed away before she was born. I can relate to the sentiment, as my middle name is Saniye, and I was named after my grandmother, who passed away from cancer before I was born. It’s a powerful to bear someone’s name in that manner. I love the song.

 Record of the Year


Record of the year 68

Hope: “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. A perfect blend of eclectic sounds with a catchy tempo, this British red head has won my heart, yet again, with this song. It sounds incredible live just as it does on the record. To think all he needs is that voice of his, a guitar, and a loop pedal blows my mind.
Amy: “Drink I’m Sippin On” by Yaeji gets my vote for Song of the Year. Colorful, cool, and fresh. I don’t think I’ve ever heard house/electronic music sound like this before, and I think Yaeji’s style will break ground for the genre in the very near future. And it’s about time for more women to reign over electronic music, dammit!
Sinem: “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man. Produced with a sound reminiscent of Motown, the 1970’s, and Mark Ronson-esque horn section, this catchy tune as well as the sonics certainly deserves a nomination in my book.

Album of the Year

album of year 68

Hope: Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. This woman is a bad ass. Her voice is badass. Her attitude and style is badass. My professional summary of this nomination: she’s a badass.
Amy: Ctrl by SZA. Hands down. No album felt more raw, honest, fun, or resonant to me the entire year as this one does. The album came out this June, and I feel like I haven’t really stopped listening to it since. An instant classic. She actually racked up the most Grammy nominations of any female artist this year, and it’d be amazing if she won some.
Sinem: Soul of a Woman by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings. Because both are legendary. With the recent passing of Sharon Jones, the album has even more poignancy. I saw the Dap-Kings live when they backed Amy Winehouse back in 2007 at Joe’s Pub in NYC. Phenomenal showcase.

Best New Artist

Best New 68

With this category, we’d like to recognize a couple of badass ladies we’ve had the pleasure of working with this year. All three of us are in agreement for Anna/Kate Band for best emerging indie artist! They’ve just released their single, “I Run With You” worldwide, and their upcoming debut album “How To Hold” has delicious harmonies, and an indie-folk pop sound that is sure to delight audiences that also love Ingrid Michaelson, Sufjan Stevens, and Brandi Carlile. Perfect WFUV, NPR-darlings of the future. Lookout for Anna/Kate Band!

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