Mood Ring Music | March 19, 2018

By Amy Hanna, Production/Radio Promo Coordinator

And a Happy Monday once again, 6/8 Music followers! To those who are new here, or those who need a refresher, Mood Ring Music is 6/8 Music’s weekly new music feature wherein I, Amy Hanna, local chromosthete, select five new songs from the past week and assign them a color and a mood based upon my color perceptions of the song upon first listen.

Here are five of this week’s best songs, and their many, many colors.


Sunflower Bean, much like their name, are a bright spot in today’s indie climate. The New York-based trio are on fire, with a fantastic debut album and appearances at renowned events (like SXSW, for example) already under their belt, and they only seem to be set for more growth and success in the lead up to their sophomore album, TwentyTwo in Blue, which comes out the end of this week. Their latest output, “Human For”, feels a bit more driving and audacious than the dreamy sounds we’ve come to know from Sunflower Bean. This makes sense, as the band declares “Human For” song as a sort of “rallying cry”, a song about seeking and finding purpose. Sunflower Bean craft classic-tinged tunes for the modern day, and “Human For” fits that descriptor while landing the band in new, exciting territory.

Sunflower Bean’s “Human For” is blood red for bold.

Australian rocker Courtney Barnett is no stranger to the Mood Ring Music feature. In fact, if you’re a regular reader of this series, you’re probably a bit bored of me going on and on about how incredible she is. Well, if you’re tired, that’s just too bad, because her latest, “Need a Little More Time”, is an instant classic, with a music video that transcends our stratosphere, so there’s no way I’m missing out on the opportunity to gush over it. So few artists in our time have the ability to create such compelling pieces of music using so little of everything – so little sonic trickery, so little out of the classic rock ‘n’ roll norm – while still feeling like so much. With one album out, and a few previews from album 2 trickling into the universe, Courtney Barnett has already proved herself as an iconic rock artist. “Need a Little Time” trips on acid while still feeling incredibly lucid, stings with vulnerability while remaining unapologetic. From this song alone, there’s so much to look forward to from Courtney Barnett’s upcoming new album.

Courtney Barnett’s “Need a Little Time” is blue for melancholy.


Kate Nash songs feel like diary entries. Untouched, unapologetic, full of acidic honesty and stunning clarity. “Life in Pink” is no different: a balls-to-the-wall Kate Nash standard, full of disclosures on her deteriorating mental health, and shouts about her obsession with the person on her mind. Loud and unapologetic as this song is, it wouldn’t be a Kate Nash tune without the singable melodies, and “Life in Pink” is chock full of them. This song is the latest offering from her upcoming new album, Yesterday is Forever, coming out at the end of March. The music video is a must-watch as well, full of vibrant colors and bunny costumes and… so much more, really, but I probably had you hooked at “bunny costumes”.

Kate Nash’s “Life in Pink” is baby pink (ahem.) for detached.

6/8 Music alumni Anna/Kate Band have just released their haunting, earthy second single out into the world, and we couldn’t be more excited. “Place in the Pines” feels like a snow-covered walk in the forest, haunting and beautiful as the duo croons, “Don’t know what I’m looking for/But I’m found” in perfect harmony. Anna/Kate Band are unparalleled in offering striking, theatrical lyricism within a laid-back, folky context. Smooth banjos and punctuating group vocals bring the whole song together. “Place in the Pines” is captivating and vibrant, a gorgeous lead-up to their debut full-length album coming out this Friday.

Anna/Kate Band’s “Place in the Pines” is deep green for mysterious.

Listen to all Mood Ring Music selections below or by clicking here.


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